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Travel Tip Thursday: Top 5 Study Abroad Locations

Study Abroad - the two words all college students dream about in their tiny, domestic dorm rooms. Images of exotic foods, beautiful architecture, and returning home with a plethora of stories to share with your classmates play through your mind as you stare out at the familiar view of your campus parking lot. Not to worry - we have you covered! Here are 5 of the best study abroad destinations, for whatever experience you may be craving. Consider spending a semester in one of these countries to experience a new culture and gain some friends in new places!

1. Japan

If you love new technology and an immersive culture, you’ll love Japan! In addition to its deep history, gorgeous architecture, and welcoming climate, Japan is a techie’s dream! Home to some of the newest and most innovative technology, Japan offers the opportunity to learn in a rigorous academic environment where you can blend creativity with practicality. It can be one of the more expensive countries to study abroad in, so be sure to craft a budget - and stick to it! - to avoid over-spending at the sushi bar.

2. Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the Spanish language while studying abroad in a welcoming and warm (literally - it’s humid!) environment! Aside from the beautiful beaches, pristine rainforests, and tiny towns you’ll never want to leave, Costa Rica offers international students the opportunity to learn in and embrace the pura vida lifestyle. There are many programs that send students to Costa Rica for a semester, or even longer! As a bonus, Costa Rica is one of the less expensive countries to study abroad in - although notably one of the more expensive South American countries to travel in as a tourist, so be careful to avoid tourist traps!

3. South Africa

If you’re looking for a study abroad location with endless beaches and the opportunity to explore the African continent, look no further! Universities in South Africa have built agreements with many colleges across the US, making it a great time to consider it for your semester abroad! Known for delicious (and inexpensive!) food means that your college student budget will be thanking you for your decision. Get used to going barefoot on campus, talking rugby with fellow students, and spending your days taking in the incredible scenery surrounding you in your new environment.

4. England

A safe choice if you’re not looking to break any language barriers would be studying in England! London is known for being a hot-spot for American study abroad students. It’s the perfect place to dive into the international experience without sacrificing the comfort of having a familiar language around you. You may be surprised just how different the culture is to our own! If you enjoy historical architecture, fish and chips, and taking long walks in the rain, England may be the country for you. Keep in mind that with European study abroad programs often comes a higher price tag, so plan for that accordingly.

(Bonus: You may or may not feel like Harry Potter taking the London Underground on your first day of class)

5. Greece

Greece is known for its deep history, mythology, stunning architecture and turquoise waters. What more could a student ask for? Be ready to learn the language - Greek has an entirely different alphabet, and knowing a few key phrases will go far in integrating into local life! Greek culture is family-centric, and known for being enthusiastic, making it a remarkably comfortable country to study in, particularly if venturing into overseas study without anyone you know. The food is delicious - but be prepared to try some more exotic dishes, like octopus. Don’t be afraid of giving every bit of your Greek experience a try - that’s what you’re there for! Many universities in the US have study agreements will universities in Greece, making it a fairly easy country to find a study abroad opportunity in. Stick carefully to your budget, and try to avoid the tourist traps as much as you can.

Have you studied abroad? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

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