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Jason presents a unique perspective about the potential logistical hurdles of both domestic and international travel, simultaneously creating a dynamic, engaging, and insightful dialogue with students. This is the perfect event to collaborate with your Multicultural Services or Study Abroad Offices. This talk will empower students looking to travel while in school or those taking a gap year after their degree.


hey I'm jason

I'm the ninja behind the travel hacking. My favorite things include guide books, lifestraws, and backpacks.

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Safety comes in many different forms. Jason will discuss how to avoid countries or (more commonly) regions that might be problematic to travel in.

He will also discuss some of the things to watch for and how to pick secure lodgings, avoid scams, and select a mode of transportation that is going to maximize your time while keeping you in one piece.

Social Justice

One of the major hurdles that a traveler will face, if they are doing it with open eyes, is understanding their place in the world.

When this topic is included Jason will lead a discussion about what it means to live in a caring society that appreciates all its global citizens.


Often a traveler must consider his or her impact on the flora and fauna when traveling within a region. Going on an Elephant ride through the jungle can be exhilarating, however, how do you ensure the ethical treatment of the elephant?

The conversation on eco-tourism will also delve into selecting lodgings and adventures in a way that is appropriate and supportive of a sustainable economy for the local eco- and social-system.




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