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Travel Tip Thursday: Finding the Perfect Gear

Having the right gear can make the difference between an awesome trip and a stressful one - half the battle is preparation. When you consider the amount of time you will spend with your essential items - the most important of which is your backpack! - it makes sense to invest in gear that you know is going to last and is going to work for you.

Your backpack will quickly become your best friend while travelling - even if you are not necessarily "backpacking", having the right pack will mean comfort when you do have to carry it, having the right amount of room for all your gear, and could mean the difference between a sore back and a happy one. While there are packs out there for cheap, it's important to remember that this is an investment. Consider purchasing an Osprey pack - it's at a higher price point, but the ventilation, support, and comfort it provides is well worth the extra cash up front. Take a long look at the ventilation on your pack - you may not think it's important at first, but when you're carrying a heavy pack in humid 100* weather, you'll be grateful it breathes! Osprey's are incredibly durable as well - chances of need to replace your pack after it rips out on your first trip are slim. An Osprey is the same pack that Jason took on his trip around the world - and it's still going!

Backwoods is a great source for travel gear. Their pricing is competitive, and chances are you'll be able to find just about anything you need for your next adventure on their site. It's a favorite source of gear for THN. They carry Osprey packs (can't rave about these enough!) at extremely competitive prices. Right now they have a deal for a Men's Exos 48 pack for $200 - this is an awesome deal on an awesome pack! Their spring gear has just arrived - which means all the new toys for this season are available on their site!

Make sure you spend the time to find a pack that fits your needs the first time around - it could save you a head(or back!)ache once you've left the ground.

What's your pack of choice? Let us know in the comments below!


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