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Travel Tip Thursday: Flash Cards

Picture it: A Thai market. You're trying to communicate that you need to find a place to sleep. Your English to Thai translation book is failing you - you can't seem to pronounce the world well enough for them to understand what you need. They are getting frustrated and you are getting flustered - and you're no closer to communicating what you need.

How to avoid this? Flashcards.

Flashcards can be surprisingly hard to find in many cities around the world. Before you leave, spend a few hours making your own. Think of key words you'll need - make note of the pronunciation. Study and practice these words on the plane or bus ride to your destination. You'll be learning a new language, and it's a way to beat boredom on long trips!

Write it out in the actual language and the romanized version. This way, even if you have a situation where you can't seem to get the pronunciation right, you can at least show them the flashcard so they'll understand what you need.



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