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Travel Tip Thursday: The Money Belt

There are more important things in life than money - but when travelling, cash is key to ensuring you can get where you need to go and get what you need to survive! Whether it’s food, water, transportation, or another necessity you come across (headaches happen!) ensuring you cash is secure will give you that extra peace of mind during travel.

A money belt is essentially a wallet you wear around your waist. No, not a fanny pack! It’s quite literally a belt with a pocket built in for cash, copies of important documents, any small items you need to keep on hand (an extra dose of any medications may be a good idea). Essentially, it’s perfect for anything small you absolutely cannot live without if your pack was to get stolen, if you were to get pickpocketed, or mugged.

Humans aren’t the only threat to being mugged. Remember that How I Met Your Mother episode where Marshall gets mugged by a monkey? While that may be a little out of the box in New York, it isn’t out of the realm of possibility that, in country such as Cambodia where monkeys are common and often unafraid of humans, a particularly curious individual could make off with something out of an unattended bag, or even your pocket! Of course, it’s important to keep tabs on your surroundings - primate or otherwise - and to always keep a close eye on your belongings while travelling.

Money belts are inexpensive (you can find one on Amazon for around $14) and an easy addition to your gear. Most people travel with a belt already, so adding a travel belt is a simple matter of swapping your day-to-day belt out for one with a pocket. It adds no space, and lends that extra bit of security to travelling.

Do you have any tips for keeping your cash safe while travelling? Let us know in the comments!



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